Ode to routine

Nothing begotten, often forgotten;

such is the flavour of routine!

and with enough reiteration,

I do forget what it all means:

to be with friends and have a laugh,

feel happy in the moment;

all the while hoping that again,

this great routine will never end.

All I want for Christmas is my two flat feet

I feel like I’ve bested the biggest physical burden of my life and would like to reflect on my experience. I was born with flat feet; not a disability by any standard, but a hinderance. A hinderance in physical activities, but most importantly, god forbid, style. When I was a child, the orthopaedist recommended I wear special footwear and always tie my shoe-laces. That was very “uncool” so I never did. And even though I was very keen on sports, I could not run very fast. So I took up swimming instead (and subsequently rose to the top 8 butterfly swimmers in the country). The years went by, fashion shoe after fashion shoe, step after step, doctor after doctor, orthotic after orthotic, I came to a point where I could not even stand on my two feet. I had to always be in sports shoes and rest often, lest my ankles would be in extreme pain. I shied away from walking barefoot, going out for long, or even travelling which meant sightseeing which meant walking. I got to a point where my life and soul were dependent on how much my feet were hurting that day. I was 26.

I thought to myself, this is it. This is where my life changes. This is where being healthy ends and I should probably take up reading more books because that’s the only thing I’ll be able to do in a few years! That was until somebody suggested that this problem of mine might be psychosomatic. “But I was born this way” I said furiously. How could somebody suggest something ridiculous like that. However, this idea struck a chord in me. For the first time I considered that this “birth defect” might be fixable. I entered in a completely different state of mind. I was recommended to see an osteopath (I subsequently met the magnificent Cedric of Fulham osteopaths in London) and I also found a good insole shop (http://www.profeet.co.uk/ I cannot speak highly of them enough). And with tango and capoeira as hobbies of a few years, I started focusing more on posture, flexibility and strengthening those little foot muscles I had left for dead all these years. Thanks to the change of mindset, the guidance of Cedric, the insoles at Profeet and my focus on core strength and stretching, 4 years later, I can not only walk without pain, but also walk and train barefoot. As I look back, being a pro swimmer, picking up rock climbing, tango and now capoeira may have never caught my attention had it not been for my flat feet.

This story might sound trivial to some. and I’m sure everyone has heard a version of the phrase “a blessing in disguise”. The truth is that each and every person has a cross to bear; but this cross takes us places that would otherwise be too mundane to discover. And there is beauty in that.


The All-American small-talk

Mastering the All-American small-talk is as simple as A-B-C!

A) [Hi/Hey/Hello], how are you?

B) [Good/ Fine/ Great/ OK], and you?

C) [Good/ Fine], thanks!

Pro tip #1: Try to speak as fast as possible (practice at home if needed)

Pro tip #2: Continue walking while speaking as fast as possible

smalltalkBonus: Step C occurs when you have walked so far past each-other that further conversation would be inaudible. You can use the graph below as a rough guide:

On living close

Every day life in a relationship is like the mozzarella on a pizza. It’s not what gives the taste, but it holds all the ingredients together..


A beautiful little mind

Look at my collection of experiences,
Hear about the little things I love.
I will tell you about my family and friends,
my colleagues and people I’ve heard about;
I will tell you about my hobbies,
the books I’ve read, the films I’ve watched.
I drew a painting once!
I have travelled. I know bits of history and art.
I had a past. Things changed since then,
now I’m thinking about the future..
I have strong ideas, I believe in ideals.
I bet you nobody shares this collection of things, because it’s


Come along, let me show you my beautiful little mind

A good deal

Time is the most powerful force in the universe;
for without time, we would not learn and we would not forget.
We pay the price of ageing, a generous currency.
Manage so that this currency does not depreciate,
but becomes more and more valuable with time.
That is then, a good deal!

Citizens of the world

I'm not an Athenian, not a Greek, but I'm a citizen of the world

I am not an Athenian, nor a Greek, but a citizen of the world.

This quote from an ambiguous ancient source (credited to Socrates but more likely uttered by Diogenis) has quite a wide range of interpretations.

To me it means that you are neither bound by nor entitled to your “national heritage”. Some attributes you acquire without choice or much thought. If you subtract those attributes from yourself (not permanently; you may wish to claim them back), you are free to discover your own self, make your choices and contributions to humanity. There is no better way to achieve this than by travelling…

We are family

Nothing brings more happiness than helping family; no amount of things, money or power. It must be something intrinsic about the human race..