Nerds That Rock, Episode 2: Matthew Inman

Matthew Inman – IT professional who left his career to be creative on his own terms


Nikola Tesla – One of the greatest and least famous inventors to have ever lived, refusing profit and fame in order to innovate


The Internet – 70 years after Tesla has been dead and forgotten, with the initiative of Matthew Inman, raised $1.4 Million (!) in a week (!!) to restore his last laboratory in NYC as a museum and science center


What you can achieve in 2012. How to be a true pioneer and bestow inspiration. How to say “screw this” I’ll do it my way.

NOTE TO SELF: Take the plunge already!

Ok, I’ll start with the moustache :{

On shit and awesomeness..

If it’s awesome for you, chances are, it’s awesome for somebody else.

If it’s shit for you, it’s probably shit for everybody else, too!

So be awesome for yourself,

and shit will change..


Digital love

love in the cloud!

love in the cloud!

The chemistry of love remains constant while our lifestyle is getting ever more dynamic. I wonder, will it be possible at all to fall in love in the future?

A picture I like

Leadership is not about you, fool

Neither your promotion, nor ego.

It’s about the poor souls you guide;

It’s about their advance and self-esteem.

You are smart but not critical, you can talk but not say.

Falling for you is scary, but you are not scared one bit to let others do.

Yet what can we make of you? You’ve been sitting on this chair for too long..

You may be obscuring the view,

But I’ll paint a picture I like.


~ by S. Kanterakis


If “broadband mind-to-mind connection” is on one end of the spectrum, this is humorously on the other!

What is the optimal way of communication? Formalisms are time-consuming but allow you to communicate with a wider range of people. Can I please choose someone with whom I can communicate more implicitly? It would save us an awful lot of time..