Ode to routine

Nothing begotten, often forgotten;

such is the flavour of routine!

and with enough reiteration,

I do forget what it all means:

to be with friends and have a laugh,

feel happy in the moment;

all the while hoping that again,

this great routine will never end.

A beautiful little mind

Look at my collection of experiences,
Hear about the little things I love.
I will tell you about my family and friends,
my colleagues and people I’ve heard about;
I will tell you about my hobbies,
the books I’ve read, the films I’ve watched.
I drew a painting once!
I have travelled. I know bits of history and art.
I had a past. Things changed since then,
now I’m thinking about the future..
I have strong ideas, I believe in ideals.
I bet you nobody shares this collection of things, because it’s


Come along, let me show you my beautiful little mind

A good deal

Time is the most powerful force in the universe;
for without time, we would not learn and we would not forget.
We pay the price of ageing, a generous currency.
Manage so that this currency does not depreciate,
but becomes more and more valuable with time.
That is then, a good deal!

On shit and awesomeness..

If it’s awesome for you, chances are, it’s awesome for somebody else.

If it’s shit for you, it’s probably shit for everybody else, too!

So be awesome for yourself,

and shit will change..


A picture I like

Leadership is not about you, fool

Neither your promotion, nor ego.

It’s about the poor souls you guide;

It’s about their advance and self-esteem.

You are smart but not critical, you can talk but not say.

Falling for you is scary, but you are not scared one bit to let others do.

Yet what can we make of you? You’ve been sitting on this chair for too long..

You may be obscuring the view,

But I’ll paint a picture I like.


~ by S. Kanterakis