On living close

Every day life in a relationship is like the mozzarella on a pizza. It’s not what gives the taste, but it holds all the ingredients together..


A formal dinner at McDonalds, henceforth the “McFormal”

So my girlfriend really likes McDonalds. I try to discourage her from eating there whenever I can so this was the perfect scenario for ¬†surprise! I despise Valentine’s day like the next person so I thought it would be hilarious to have a formal dinner at McD’s! (our home town -Cambridge,UK- is all about “formal dinners”)

This was the setup: I told my girlfriend to meet me outside a nearby fancy Italian restaurant. I went to McD’s 15min earlier with a friend (thanks Michele!!) and asked the manager if I could set up a formal table. They laughingly agreed, but “no flames in the candles in case the fire alarm goes off”, fair enough. So we set the table in front of a bunch of lol-ing teenagers, getting reactions like “omg! this is soooo cute”, “can I take a picture??”, “we should ask them to dim the lights!!”, “we’ll sing a song for you!”. I told my friend to wait at the table and go order as soon as he sees us coming in.

So I went outside to meet my girlfriend nearby and asked her to close her eyes (at this point her suspicions¬†of something “fishy” going on came true..). I gave her a couple of swirls for disorientation (she knows the location of McD’s quite well) and guided her to the entrance. She opened her eyes, laughed, and said “aw, what a great idea!”. So we went inside the restaurant and I wondered out loud, “where should we sit, where should we sit… Oh! This looks like a nice one!” and pointed to the set table. She was completely speechless. After the first wave of omgs, she wondered how we would get food. At that point, my friend arrived with our orders, which he placed on our nice crockery and then wished us a good evening. We filled our fancy glasses with sprite and coke and had an awesome meal among giggling passer-bys…


Digital love

love in the cloud!

love in the cloud!

The chemistry of love remains constant while our lifestyle is getting ever more dynamic. I wonder, will it be possible at all to fall in love in the future?