Your physical posessions, in the cloud!

The entrepreneur inside me awakes from time to time and won’t leave me alone..

Lately I’ve been thinking of ways to help people get rid of things they hoard. The impulse of collecting stuff “in case of need in the future” to me is psychological condition with little connection to reality. Rationally, the value of thousands of books, kitchenware and product packaging does not explain the cost of renting or owning a larger living space to store them, move them and maintain them (and the mental burden associated with those tasks).

I’ve come up with the idea of having objects “expire” after a certain period (much like food) to make it easier for me to get rid of stuff for which I have an emotional attachment but are no longer “relevant” (like a jumper given to me by an ex, or my first ever mobile phone).

But what if there was a local “service” that would agree to take this stuff, catalogue it for you, store it and mail you back anything you “needed”? What if you could even have access to other people’s stuff? What if you could get notified in case somebody wanted to rent or buy your things? Would you pay for such a service?

A beautiful little mind

Look at my collection of experiences,
Hear about the little things I love.
I will tell you about my family and friends,
my colleagues and people I’ve heard about;
I will tell you about my hobbies,
the books I’ve read, the films I’ve watched.
I drew a painting once!
I have travelled. I know bits of history and art.
I had a past. Things changed since then,
now I’m thinking about the future..
I have strong ideas, I believe in ideals.
I bet you nobody shares this collection of things, because it’s


Come along, let me show you my beautiful little mind

Some anonymous quotes

During coffee break after lunch

Let me get a hot beverage to be able to digest my afternoon..

On career prospects

Regardless of the time in your career, *** is where your career ends..

*** name of company

A good deal

Time is the most powerful force in the universe;
for without time, we would not learn and we would not forget.
We pay the price of ageing, a generous currency.
Manage so that this currency does not depreciate,
but becomes more and more valuable with time.
That is then, a good deal!

Citizens of the world

I'm not an Athenian, not a Greek, but I'm a citizen of the world

I am not an Athenian, nor a Greek, but a citizen of the world.

This quote from an ambiguous ancient source (credited to Socrates but more likely uttered by Diogenis) has quite a wide range of interpretations.

To me it means that you are neither bound by nor entitled to your “national heritage”. Some attributes you acquire without choice or much thought. If you subtract those attributes from yourself (not permanently; you may wish to claim them back), you are free to discover your own self, make your choices and contributions to humanity. There is no better way to achieve this than by travelling…